Spring Animals on the Farm

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. My new phone and my old computer aren’t working together very well. That makes loading photos onto the computer a bit tricky!

I think I’ve got things worked out so I’ll be answering questions again next few weeks. There will be a Farm Day post, too!

This week you I thought you would like some photos of the animals you have seen over the last few weeks.

And the winner is….

There were plenty of votes for names for our spotted ram.

Woofle Puff is the winner!

I just love his horns and his spots. He looks so nice after Dallan sheared him. He’s still a bit wary of humans and doesn’t come up to me like the other sheep do. Especially Little One, the black sheep in the front of the photo with the long tail. She’s the most friendly sheep I’ve ever had!

This is what Woofle Puff’s fleece looks like. It’s a lovely mix of browns, and cream colors. It will go to a woman who likes to do needle felting. It’s the right color for so many different kinds of animals.

Growing Chicks

Look how big the chicks are getting! They have all their feathers and are growing fast!

Do you remember what they looked like before?

They started in a small plastic tote for a few weeks. They moved to the big, empty water trough when you came to see the farm. Now they are in the chicken coop.

Chickens aren’t like children. The old hens are mean to the young hens. The young hens will stay behind the fence for about a week.

The old hens and the new hens will go to sleep and wake up seeing each other through the fence I put up. After a week, they will think they are all part of the same flock and get along.

This also trains the new hens where they need to go to sleep at night. They are much safer in the coop than inside the barn.

Another new neigh-bor

This is Cherokee. He’s 34 years old. That’s very old for a horse. He used to be a therapy horse. He worked with people who had disabilities. It takes a very special, gentle horse to work with people with disabilities.

I hope I can get a photo of his teeth next time. He doesn’t have any! Crazy! His owner soaks his food so that it’s soft enough for him to eat. He also loves grazing on the grass in the pasture.

Baby Goats

Chocolate Frosty has small brown ears. Shay has small white ears. They spent the nights together in a stall until Frosty went to her new home. Look how much they have grown since they were born on March 5!

Chocolate Frosty is so friendly. She lives next door with Cherokee. Her new family loves her, and she loves her new family.

They love her so much that they took her in the truck to run errands. I thought that was so funny! I know people like to take their dogs on errands, but I’ve never heard anyone take their goat-kid for a ride!

Shay is adorable. She is also a little scared of humans since she wasn’t bottle fed like Frosty.

Goats love raisins. Every time I go out to the barn I bring raisins so Shay can have a treat. Everyone that comes to visit gets a few raisins to feed her. It won’t take very long before she likes humans like her mom and her sister do.

I love her little elf ears! She’s so cute!

Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped pick up rocks around the greenhouse! We’re making good progress on the greenhouse. The foundation is almost done.

I’ll have a post about it in a few weeks. It’s a lot of work to get built. Our whole family is working on it, and we’re really excited to get it up this year.

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