A Few Photos

Welcome back!

Sometimes things don’t go the way I planned them. That probably happens to you, too.

This week I had some pictures for you, and I had a video of Stumpy learning how to follow on a lead rope. Somehow most of the pictures and videos were lost.

That means I only have a few for you this week!

This is my favorite photo this week.
Quin is petting River.
She is a sweet, friendly goat-kid because she still gets a bottle every day.

This is the chicken that is blind in one eye.
She thinks she is special so she lives in the barn most of the time.
She jumps in the grain bin when I open it to get out grain for Echo and the milk goats!

This week we were able to get some free tomato seedlings, and buy a few other seedlings.
We replanted them in yogurt cups and they are under special grow lights until they are big enough to put outside in the garden.
Wow! That’s a lot of milk in the refrigerator!
This is what happens when the cow gives 4-5 gallons of milk a day.
If she gives 4 gallons every day for a week, how much milk do we get each week?

This is a picture of my Mother’s Day present.
My children got me a new fountain for the front flower bed.
I teach guitar during the week and I love to hear the fountain going while I’m teaching.
I sit right near the window that’s closest to the fountain.
I even put some goldfish in the fountain!
I’m sorry I didn’t have very many pictures or good stories to tell this week! I will try to recover my photos and videos. If I can’t recover them I’ll take some new ones for you next week!

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