A Four-Horned Visitor

This little 4- horned ram is so cute! He’s not very big because he was born earlier this year. He’s still young. He’ll be much bigger once he’s full grown.

He’ll be with us for a few days. He doesn’t have a name. He’s in a stall because he has 4 horns. If I put him with my goats or my other sheep, he may try to fight them. Horns are good for fighting! I don’t want any animals to get hurt while they are here. 

He is getting adopted by a charter school in Pleasant Grove who wants to start their own little herd of Navajo Churro sheep. 

They adopted my two little lambs about a month ago. One is named Punkin, and the black one is named Kisba. 

The sheep will have a fence between them while they get to know each other. Then it will be safe to have the new sheep with horns in with the sheep that don’t have horns.

The little chicks are growing! I’m still making sure they stay safe inside the barn. I really don’t want the hawk to snatch one out of the pasture for a chicken nugget snack!

This hen looks a little sad. Her feathers are coming out. Chickens loose a lot of their feathers in the fall so that they can grow new feathers that will keep them warm all winter. 
Humans wear sweaters and coats. Chickens grow new feathers.
I make sure they have a different kind of food with more protein to help their feathers grow in a little faster. Can you see all the feathers on the ground behind her? 

You have probably heard a rooster crow before. I thought you might enjoy seeing what a rooster looks like when he crows. Do you see how he stretches out his neck and stands a little taller? 

Were you a little curious about Leia’s small ears last week? She has ears, but they are so small! She can hear just like any other goat. It doesn’t matter how big or how small a goat’s ears are. Next week I’ll show you a picture of a goat with floppy ears.

*     *     *     *     *
Our garden grew well this year! I am harvesting some of the vegetables that grew.

All of these potatoes grew in one small garden bed. These are small potatoes. They will be delicious in potato salad.

There are still a few small potatoes buried in the dirt and on top of the dirt. They will grow new potato plants next year. 

Most of my plants grew very well this year! I was really excited to make tomato sauce and pickles and sauerkraut. 

I let the wild sunflowers grow in my garden so the bees would come visit. Bees help to make plants grow.

Its fun to watch the bees as they gather pollen to make honey. As they visit each plant to pick up more pollen, they leave a little pollen from the last plant. That’s very helpful for plants and vegetable gardens to grow.

The bees helped us grow some big Crenshaw melons!

And some yummy string beans!

Here’s a photo of Stormy waiting for her lunch. I better go feed her before she gets too hungry!

Make it a great week!

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