A Garden for My Mom and Grandma

I know she’s gone. She’s been in Heaven for 3 years. But I still think about her, and my Grandma. Probably more than I should, but I love them (and the many others that have gone to Heaven before me).

I found a little kit at the grocery store to make a Gnome Garden. They had one to make a Fairy Garden, too. But I liked the Gnome Garden better, so that’s what I got.

I had an oval bucket that Spunky left me when she moved. And I found a slice of the trunk of the Christmas Tree from 2011 to put the chair on, kind of like a little patio.

I’d like to add some moss and a rock path, and maybe build a little wishing well. If I can find something that looks like a tree, I’ll build a little swing, too.

There is a little Mexican hat and slippers by the turned clay pot. That’s because Son1 went to Mexico for 2 years and I know he’ll like the addition.

And some little clay pots by the chair. My mom loved little stuff like that.

My mom and Grandma both loved birds, so there’s a birdhouse and a birdbath, too.

It’s a work in progress and I hope to have it done by Mother’s Day.

My Grandma loved children, and she would have loved this little garden, too. 

Here are a few links for photos of Fairy Houses that you might like.
Ask the Party Fairy
The Cheeky Seagull
Sweet Posh Baby

Miniature Garden Shoppe has an Inspiration Gallery along with things to purchase. There’s even a nice video of how to put a garden together.

Enchanted Gardens has all sorts of things to buy for a miniature garden. I liked buying the little kit, but I’m a fan of finding little things around that will make it especially my own, for my very own mother and grandmother.

I thought I’d share it just in case you have any suggestions of things to add or where I might look for things.

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