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A New Ram, Puppy Update, Questions and Answers

This is our new ram. A ram is a daddy sheep. We have three girl sheep. Grown up girl sheep are called ewes. We would love to have some lambs this spring. When we have visitors in the spring they love to see lambs and baby goats.

This ram doesn’t have a name yet, so I would love to have some ideas from you! Then we can have a vote and you can decide what his name will be.

His dad’s name (we call the dad a ‘sire’) was Charisma. His mom’s name (we call the mom a dam) was Caramel. The new ram with curly horns is very quiet and patient. I can’t get him to eat treats from my hand the way the other sheep do, but I can tell that he will be friendly after he’s been here for a month or so.

What do you think? Do you have some good ideas for names? Usually barnyard animals have a name that is similar to one of the parents’ names.


Are you wondering how the puppies are doing? Most of them are in their new home. Their new owners love them!

Here’s Ada! She’s going to be a herding dog

Right now Ada thinks she’s a lap dog. She loves to sit in her new owners lap. Ada moved to Oklahoma!

I think Ada loves her new home as much as her new owner loves her.

Her favorite toy is a squeaky avocado! All the puppies seem to love squeaky toys and toys that make crinkle noises.

Willow loves her new owner, too.

Willow is going to be trained as a service dog to help our friend who served in the Army for many years. He loves her and she goes with him for car rides to all sorts of places. She comes to our house when he goes to work. We will get to watch her grow and learn how to do her important job of being a ‘helper dog.’ Willow is sweet, and gentle. She loves to be cuddled and sleep next to her new owner.

Titan loves to come to the barn with me.

He loves to check out all the new smells, and see the goats and the sheep. Titan is still scared of the cows because they are so big. He’s not scared of the chickens at all. Matt loves him so much that we decided to keep Titan.

Titan doesn’t mind sleeping in his crate.

Dogs like small caves. A crate with a blanket is just like a nice, safe cave for a puppy.

Titan has a teddy bear that he loves to play with.

Titan also loves to play tug of war with Mishka!

Thor loves sleeping next to our old cat, Stinky.

Stinky is 23 years old this year! That’s old for a cat! The puppies were rough with her, and sometimes they still are a bit too energetic to be around her. Thor and Titan like to sleep next to her when they are tired. They love cats.

Thor loved coming to the barn with me, too. He learned how to drink a stream of milk while I was milking the goat. Drinking milk from the goat teaches him that goats aren’t scary, they have treats!

Thor is in his new home. He stayed with us longer than the other puppies. He waited until his family got back from taking Ada to Oklahoma.

Thor loves his new family!

His new family loves Thor, too! He was helping to herd the chickens back into their pen last week! Good job, Thor!

Thor will be a family dog, but he will also be a working dog. I think they are planning on training him to herd sheep, too.

Lucy loves her new home, too!

She’s a very sweet puppy. She was our only brown puppy. She has green eyes and she is very pretty.

Lucy went on a trip to Arizona right after Christmas.
She loved her carrier and wouldn’t come out during the trip.
She only wanted to poke her head out of the opening.
Lucy’s job will be to grow up into a family dog.

Every puppy went to a wonderful home. Every puppy is loved by their new family. Every puppy loves their new family, too.

Puppies and Early Training

Along with good nutrition, puppies need good interactions with people and other animals.

All our puppies are doing so well because we learned about a special training called ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) We get to touch the puppies, play with their feet, and give them new experiences every day. That helps them to love people, and to not be afraid of much. It was a lot of work for Matt, Heather, and Tim. They had fun with it, and it helped our puppies turn out to be amazing family friendly puppies ready to learn many new things without being timid or scared.

Questions and Answers

Hi Junie! We don’t make fruit here. We grow it!
We have 2 apple trees, 3 pear trees, 2 cherry trees, 1 plum tree, and 1 peach tree.
We also have a grape arbor with 2 kinds of grapes growing on it.
Next year we will be planting some berries in the new garden.
We’ll be planting raspberries and blackberries.
Ava, we have 9 fruit trees. We have 5 big shade trees.
If you visited us on Cider Day, you probably saw the tree over by the swings.
That tree has a fun story!
Ellie, we moved to this little farm in 1995.
Can you figure out how many years we’ve lived here?
Lyric, we have 3 cows right now.
Sadie is our big, Brown Swiss Cow. She is Echo’s daughter, and is 3 years old.
MissE is our new cow who has been here for about 1 month.
MissE is also one of Echo’s calves. She is 4 years old.
Stormy is the last calf that was born to Echo in August.
We still miss Echo. She got very sick after Stormy was born.
We tried very hard to save her life.

Thanks for visiting the blog today! I hope you have a great week learning new things. I know I’ll be learning new things. I try to learn something new every day!

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