A Simple Repair

I’ve seen this done somewhere… but I can’t remember if it was in some old farming book or magazine or somewhere on the internet.

The caddy I use for my machine knitting tools was slowly loosing it’s sides. It wasn’t meant to hold alot of weight, it was meant to hold silverware and napkins, but I love the color and the little spots that are just right for my tools. I love the handle so I can carry it from one machine to another.

And I like to make things last as long as possible, too!

I filled the side pieces with wood glue, then wrapped a piece of cloth around the whole caddy, and tied a knot. Then I slipped a piece of wood into the knot and twisted it until it wouldn’t twist anymore. I like to use a square-ish piece of wood. A pencil works, too, but the bigger piece gives me more to grip.

A long rag about 2″ wide, my ‘wooden iron’, and another narrow rag.
The piece of wood is slipped through the knot and then twisted until I can’t twist anymore. Then I tie the wood in place with another rag.
A view from the front. It is best to put the second rag under the first one before you start twisting so it is ready when you need it.
A few hours later the glue is dry and I can take off my simple band. You can see the wood looks secure on the left and the right side of the caddy.
All the tools back inside!

Time to get the next knitting project started!

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