Another Comfort Shawl…

Here is a photo of another Comfort shawl I made. It had been sitting on my sewing table for two or three weeks. I just couldn’t seem to get it in a box and mailed to my sister’s church.

It turns out that was for the best. I have a good friend whose mother has Pancreatic Cancer so the shawl went to my friend.

I included a poem, too, since this was from me to someone I know. I found the poem here. Scroll down until you find “Prayer For Comfort” by Cathleen O’Meara Murth, DW.

I translated it into words that are better suited to our religion, but the message is clearly the same, one of comfort, hope, and strength to walk down a dark path knowing that there is Someone who will help bear the burden.

She loved it. And it was more meaningful when she learned that I hand knit it, instead of machine knitting it. I was concerned about the color, but it was the only shaw I had finished. When I got to her home, she was very happy with the color since it matched the couches in their front room. Every day I learn how much our Heavenly Father has things planned out in advance, how he knows each one of us individually, and how much he loves and cares for each one of us. I see it in the little things, tender mercies every day.

I wish I had two done, one for her and one for her mother. I’m working on another, but I’m not sure if I will get it done before my friend’s mother passes away. I hope I can get it done. I think that when she is gone it will bring comfort to her husband.

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