Another Project…. got bigger!

Projects seem to increase in size no matter what we do!

We needed to repaint the backyard fence this year. We also needed to move some of the rails because the people who put up the fence before didn’t make all the rails even. The rails on the west side of the fence were about 4″ higher than the rails on the east side of the fence.

 Here is what the old fence looks like. This isn’t the part we took down, it’s on the other side of the yard. But this is what we started with.

So Son1 and his friend used the pressure washer to peel the paint off and get it ready for new paint. Then they went to move the rails and realized that not only had the screws rusted through making it difficult to remove some of the rails, the boards had rotted and needed replaced.

Okay, so we went from a $50 repaint job, to a replace the fencing. We decided to replace the rail fence with pickets because it would keep the dogs in better and look nicer than what we had up before.

Since the posts were taller than we needed them to be for the pickets, Hubby cut the posts off. Unfortunately he had forgotten that the ground sloped and he cut some of the posts too short.

Now we had to replace some of the posts, too!

Vet2Be using the jackhammer. He’s 6′ 1/2″ now! Big enough to do some big jobs. Son1 did most of the jackhammering, and I did a little, too.

It turned out to be a good thing that the posts got chopped too short. As Son1 and Vet2Be were using the jackhammer to take out the posts, they realized that the posts were rotted, too.


Last night Son1 and Hubby were out in the dark getting the rest of the posts in place. It has to be dark to use the laser level. It’s cooler in the evening, too!

What the fence looks like this morning. The posts are up, three are in cement. Today’s project is to finish cementing them in.

So, we have gone from a $50 paint job to an $800 replace the fence job. I’m sure it will be a beautiful fence when it is done! I am very grateful for hard working sons and a wonderful husband who can do both chemistry and physical labor!

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