Another Use for Duct (Duck) Tape

We love using dog kennels inside the stalls. It give the kids a warm, safe place to sleep.

The kids love them because they are alot of fun to climb and jump on.

The dog-gloos are the sturdiest for the kids. But we have a few ‘house’ shaped ones around that I haven’t found replacement dog-gloos for yet. I won’t spend more than about $10 at the thrift store or yard sales for one, and I haven’t found any that cheap lately.

This one kept getting knocked apart by the kids.

Sooooo…… I used duct tape to hold it together.

We bought some ‘Gorilla’ duct tape a few weeks ago and that stuff is really, really sticky and sturdy.

I wrapped the tape around in four places. Hopefully the kids can play on it without it coming apart now.

 I’ll let you know if they manage to pull it apart or if the Gorilla tape is tough enough to last through goat kids.

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