Apple Grinder Table

Simple, sturdy, ugly grinder table. No more saw horses for me!

It’s not quite all the way done. I have to go find some bolts and thumb screws to hold it in place. I wanted it to be semi-portable so the grinder has to come off the table easily and transported separately.

The shelf that the bucket is sitting on isn’t attached, either. Since we lend all the equipment out I wanted to let people use taller buckets if that’s what they have. I like using the stock bucket because it’s wider at the top which means it catches the apple grindings easily. It also pours better than a standard plastic food storage bucket.

I’ve got to be able to move the press, the grinder, and the table myself. No small feat since the press is solid maple and weighs a ton! But I can move the press with a hand truck, so it’s not a big problem.

Wednesday I’m scheduled to make cider for the 3rd grade at the local charter school. They just learned about simple machines, now they get to see some in action!

It will be a fun addition to their Halloween party!

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