Blocks from Japan

Blondie and I have been working on a quilt for her over the last year. We’ve been participating in the country’s best Block of the Month class. As long as we get the block assignment done before the next class, the next kit is free. If we don’t have our assignment done, we’ve got to pay $5.50, which really isn’t much at all!

The theme for this year’s class was “9-inch Blocks from Japan”. Most of these are from the class, but there are a few that we’ve added that seem to fit the theme. We have a few extra because the layout that Blondie decided on needed more blocks, 41 total to be exact.

The ‘deal’ was that I would make a block and she would make a block, then all the blocks would go into her quilt. Since she needed 41 we needed at least 20 different blocks for the pairs.

After going through three or four layout decisions, Blondie has decided on the final layout and her project for the next two weeks is to sew the blocks into the finished top.

Here are the photos of the blocks. I’ll post a photo of the top when she gets it all put together. She’s got something special planned for the back, too!

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