Bored on a Farm? Never!

Do you ever get bored? What do you think “bored” means?

I think bored means there is nothing interesting to do. Sometimes it means there is nothing exciting to do.

Bored doesn’t mean there is nothing to do at all. There is always something to do.

I’m never bored on the farm. There is always plenty to do. Sometimes I have interesting work, sometimes work and chores aren’t interesting. Chores are the same every day. Feed the cows, feed the goats, feed the sheep, feed the chickens and ducks. Feed the bunny. Sweep the barn, clean the poo out of the stalls, and check to make sure all the animals have water.

Leia, Shay, and Ruby will have their baby goats soon. Then I will sit and milk. Every morning.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cold outside, or raining, or snowing, or hot, or muddy. Taking care of animals needs to be done every day.

I can make barn chores more interesting by listening to music or a podcast. I especially like to listen to podcasts about taking care of farm animals and growing a garden. I like to learn something new every day. It makes the uninteresting farm work that I do every day more interesting because my brain is learning.

Some families have their children do chores. Those chores are often uninteresting, like doing the same farm chores every day.

I don’t like doing housework. I don’t like dusting or cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry, either. None of those things are interesting. I listen to music or a book on tape to keep my mind busy while I’m working inside, too. Those things aren’t as important as taking good care of the animals. They aren’t as important as making sure we have good meals to eat. But I like having clean clothes to wear. I like having clean dishes to eat from, and I don’t like sneezing when there is too much dust in the hosue.

What can you do at home to do your chores that makes it more fun or interesting?

The day I found all these eggs was fun, and very interesting!

But I also had to clean a lot of manure that day, too. That was not fun, and it was not interesting.

A Garden on the Farm

Yes, I have a garden on the farm.

It’s still cold right now, so my garden is starting inside all these jugs and containers. This is called Winter Sowing. If you don’t have room inside your house to start plants, this is a great way to do it.

I have tomatoes planted in the jugs, along with squash, and flowers.

Do you remember when I planted the zinnias? They sprouted already!

I’m trying an experiment this year. I planted tomato seeds inside those plastic domes . No, they haven’t sprouted yet. Tomatoes are pretty easy to grow so I’m hoping they will do well and I won’t have to move them from the jugs to the garden. We have quite a bit of wind here so each of those domes are stapled to the dirt with garden staples. I also piled about 2″ of dirt around the bottom to keep the domes from blowing away.

My friend planted tomato seeds under some light covers. She needed something heavy to cover her seeds because she gets much more wind than I get.

Do you have a garden? What do you like to grow?

In the summer my barn chores change a little. I still take care of all the animals, but I also spend a little time in the garden every day. I like to watch the garden plants grow. If I weed a little every day, then the chore of weeding never gets overwhelming.

Fun Photos

Even though chores are the same, and a bit ‘boring’ every day, I get to see all my animals.

Leia is getting ready to have her babies around March 24th! What a silly looking goat. I think she’s checking to see if I have treats in my pockets.

Shay likes to say hello to me each morning, too. She’s going to have babies this month, too. How many babies do you think Shay will have?

Ruby is my special friend. She likes to say hi to me and have me pet her cheeks every day. The other goats pick on her sometimes so she stays near the sheep. She is also going to have baby goats this month.

Oh, my! That’s going to be a lot of babies born this spring!

Angel is also going to have baby lambs this spring. Yes, we are expecting a lot of baby animals this spring.

Little One (she’s not very little anymore) loves to say hello in the morning, too.

I’m not sure if my animals like me because I like them, or because they are waiting for breakfast.

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