Brrrr… It’s Cold!

It’s been cold here! Not as cold as some places in the United States, but colder than it’s been here for a long time.

I’ve got my wool sweater on, and my warm hat. MissE, my new cow, doesn’t seem to mind the cold. She’s all furry! Cows grow a thicker coat of hair in the winter, just like many animals.

MissE doesn’t mind playing in the snow! Sometimes she can be a bit of a ‘sassy pants’ and try to play with me. I’m not as big as she is, so I have to shoo her away to play with the sheep.

Brrrr…. that’s cold!

My friend loves to take photos of ice crystals. She sent me this one so you could see it, too. I have the nicest friends! Isn’t it lovely? It may be cold outside, but it is beautiful!

Little One is my favorite sheep. She was the one I had to bottle feed for so long. She almost died a few times. She loves me, too.

She’s got a thick, wooly coat for the winter, too. Little One would rather be out in the snow than inside her warm, dry shelter. It’s not a surprise that she likes the snow because her wool is so thick and she stays nice and warm.

Blondie and Angel stay warm, too. Look at all that snow on Blondie’s back! She doesn’t care about the cold and snow one bit!

The animals stay quite warm if they have food, water, and a dry place out of the weather. They don’t always go inside their shed, but they can if they want to be out of the stormy weather. The water in the buckets froze so I use a bucket heater to keep the water from turning to ice.

I move the heater, the metal ring with the cord, back and forth between the two blue water barrels on the north side of the barn. The sheep and MissE always have water to drink.

Can you see what is swimming around at the bottom of this water trough?

Look a little closer….

Goldfish! They are fine in the winter as long as they have water instead of ice. They help keep the water trough clean. The cows love to drink the ‘fishy water.’ The animals all have clean water, but Sadie and Stormy would rather drink this water.

I’m glad I’m not a cow.

We’re very glad we have so much snow, however it does make the barnyard a mucky mess when it starts to thaw a bit.

Your mom may have you take your shoes off when you go into the house. Cows, sheep, and goats don’t wear shoes so they bring all the mud and muck into their stalls. It’s not a very dry place to sleep out of the weather so I need to put some ‘bedding’ down for them.

Most of the time wood chips and saw dust work well. They are free, which is also nice for me!

This mud is too much for wood chips and saw dust so I use straw instead. My friend sometimes has extra straw that she brings me. I’m so glad she had extra this year!

As soon as there was a nice bed of straw for the cows they came in and snuggled down. They don’t mind the cold, but they like having a dry place to lay down. They look so cozy all snuggled into the straw!

Midnight, my barn cat, has a cozy spot, too. Under the blanket is a heated dog bed. It keeps my hose from freezing in the winter. The windshield reflector on top helps to hold in the heat. She’s quite cozy and warm with her thick coat, and her snuggly spot inside the hose.

Sometimes she sits inside the hose before I get it all covered up! She also has a few other cozy spots that she likes to snuggle in the barn. This is her favorite.

Next week I’ll give you an update on the puppies. They are learning how to be around the barnyard animals. I’ll show you how Gunner, the goat with the broken leg, is doing. We’ll be taking out his stitches this week.

I also have a pile of your questions to look at! I’ll pick a few that look interesting for everyone. Thanks so much for sending me your questions!

I hope you stay nice and warm this week! Don’t worry about the animals. They all have food, water, shelter, and nice fuzzy coats. They will be just fine this winter.

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