Bunny Progress… Good News!

Two photos of the bunny recently. Vet2Be has been diligent about applying the silver nano particles that Hubby has been making and doing research on. Darcy gets it squirted on once a day.

This was taken April 3, 2011.

This was taken April 7, 2011. The ‘bunny hospital’ is the downstairs bathroom shower.

Here are two earlier photos so you can see the progress.

March 20, 2011. We found the abscess and Vet2Be cleaned it out. We knew the skin above the abscess was dead (it was hard), but knew we weren’t equipped to perform that type of surgery. So we cleaned out the infection and waited for Mother Nature.

March 28, 2011. The dead skin from the abscess came off one side. Vet2Be took the entire dead part off.

The first two posts about the bunny can be found here (Not For Weak Stomachs!) and here (Bunny Update).

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