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Here’s a link to the first post about Darcy, the bunny with the abscess.

Vet2Be spends every other day in a traditional High School, the other school days he is home or volunteering at the local veterinarians. On Monday I picked him up early because Darcy needed some medical attention, and I wasn’t going to be the one to do it.

This is what I saw when I went to do chores in the morning. The dead part of the skin had started to come off the top of his head.
This part needs to be removed. We didn’t want to cut this part off while it was still attached on the other side. We knew it was dead because it was hard, but since we haven’t done this type of surgery, we thought we would wait a few days to see what happened. The yellowish stuff on the skin flap is the infection that has dried and crystallized.

Everything all ready. Scissors sitting in alcohol, plenty of cotton swabs ready to clean any infection and prep the area, chlorhexadine (the blue liquid) in the cup.
After cleaning all the infection off the skin (using the tweezers and chlorhexadine) Vet2Be was able to cut through the dead skin with some very sharp sewing scissors. The scissors weren’t sharp enough to cut through the dead skin and the crystalized infection together. No, the bunny didn’t jump or squirm. He didn’t feel anything, he’s a very calm bunny.
You can see the bits of crystallized infection on the towel. This is Darcy’s head after the dead part was cut away.

We sprayed the infected area with silver nano particles because Vet2Be wasn’t thrilled about the idea of administering penicillin to his bunny for the next 6 weeks. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want a shot of penicillin every day for six weeks, either!

One of the businesses that Hubby is involved in starting produces specialized silver and gold nano particles, completely different that the colloidal silver you can buy in the store. This is much more effective at killing infections than anything else that is on the market.

I can’t describe how they do it yet because the process is being patented. Suffice it to say that there are four Ph.D. scientists involved and all are highly trained in different fields. They have come together on this project and it is amazing what they are finding out with their experiments!

Curious about the silver nano particles? This is Darcy’s head about 10 hours after the the picture above. Dramatic improvement in a short time.

10 hours later the wound had begun to shrink, the swelling was down, Darcy was moving around normally and not hiding in a corner. He was eating and drinking normally, too.

We’ll continue to apply the nano silver for the next few weeks. We’ll post as Darcy improves. We are hoping that his skin will grow back over the top of his head and that he will be back to normal in about 6-8 weeks.

If this treatment works, we have some friends that raise meat rabbits who will be very, very happy! No more antibiotics for abscesses!

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