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Lots of Questions!

Welcome back! This is your last post for the school year. I’ll keep posting during the summer if you want to stop by and visit the blog to see what is going on. I looked through all the questions you sent and picked some that I haven’t answered yet. We only have one cow. Her…


New Kids 2017

Welcome back! I know there are quite a few people enjoying Spring Break right now. I hope you are having a wonderful time while you’re on vacation. We’ve been busy and so have our mama goats! We have 6 new goat kids. Serenity and River kidded at the same time. They both kidded on Monday…


Copper is Working!

These photos were taken about a week after we gave all the goats their spring copper bolus. The hair is already starting to grow back on Curly and Annie’s noses. We’ve trained our goats to love bananas so I put a bolus in the middle of a piece of banana and they gobble it down….