Celery and Tomatoes Are Up!

I’m pretty excited to see how fast my celery is growing in the sub-irrigation soda bottle planters. Here’s the first post for this hobby farming experiment. Sub-irrigation Planters from Soda Bottles.

Planted on March 18, today it’s March 23. Not too bad for 5 days growth with no roots to start with!

And I’m really happy to see how fast the tomatoes sprouted!

Brandywine tomatoes planted on March 16. 
The tomatoes that had an old deli container over the top sprouted faster than the ones that aren’t covered, which isn’t surprising at all. 

Unfortunately I threw away almost all of my ‘poor man’s tupperware’ when we started remodeling the kitchen.

We also had 3 goat kids born this week. I’ll be posting pictures tomorrow. I love barn babies!

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