Cheap-O Diffuser

We don’t use many essential oils. I know… everyone is using them to cure everything! And I’m glad they work for so many people on so many ailments!

Hubby has some that he uses to clear his sinuses when he starts to get a cold. They work really well for that.

And I used some citrus the other day to get rid of the “musty basement mixed with 2 dogs and 2 cats” smell in Vet2Be’s room.

My friend (who is really into essential oils) told me to use a diffuser that doesn’t heat the oil.

I don’t have one.

Here’s what I came up with that seems to work just fine!

It’s a napkin with the essential oils on it clipped to the front of a fan.

Voila! No heat, and it spreads the citrus smell through Vet2Be’s dog scented room!

Now his room, and the basement, don’t smell like a mixture of stale air and dog. Yay for me!

I might try it on the evaporative cooler next.

It’s called a ‘swamp cooler’ for a reason.

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