Cheese Maker!

I got a box in the mail on Wednesday (all smiles here!)

Nope! It’s not a rice cooker!
It’s got a great curd cutter sitting on top!
It’s my new semi-automatic Master Cheese Maker!
The computer controls the stirring rod and the temperature! 

No, it wasn’t cheap. It was $422.44 including shipping.

But that is much cheaper than changing my flat stove (which Hubby wanted) over to a gas stove (which is what I wanted) because we would have to extend the gas line into the kitchen.

Smooth surface stoves are not very good at temperature control, they are great for adding extra counter space and for cleaning. But making cheese requires very careful control over temperature, both how fast the curd gets to the correct temperature and keeping the curd at the right temperature for the correct amount of time.

This machine is supposed to take care of both!

There is a Yahoo group called CheeseMachine where owners of the Master Cheese Making Machine talk about making cheese and the Cheese Maker machine.

I haven’t had a chance to test it yet. Things have been busy around here (aren’t they always when you live on a hobby farm!) This weekend is already full, too.

I’m planning on making cheese on Monday….. I’ll be posting my results! I’m sure the first few batches will go to the chickens as I get to know the machine, but I’m looking forward to being able to make more batches because someone else will be doing the stirring and heating!

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