Chick Update, and The Garden

Two Kinds of Chicks

Last week I showed you the turkey chicks. The word for baby turkeys is ‘poults.’ They are getting bigger!

The only thing turkey poults want to do is eat and drink and grow bigger. Their feathers are a little bigger than last week, don’t you think? They are very good at their job: getting bigger!

I got some Easter Egger chicks last week, too. They will lay blue or green eggs when they are older. It will be a bit of a surprise because we won’t know what color eggs they will have until they start laying.

They are so cute! They remind me of chipmunks because their feathers are the same color.

First Animal?

We moved to our farm in 1995. The first animal we had was a horse for our daughter.

We don’t have any animals that are from the first year we moved here. It is possible, because some horses live until they are over 30 years old! Our horses and other animals haven’t lived that long. Except for Stinky, our cat. She is 23.

Brothers and Sisters

What an interesting question! Yes, we have animals that are brothers and sisters on the farm.

Stormy is the cow on the left. MissE is the cow on the right. These two cows are sisters. They both had the same mother.

These three lambs are brother and sisters. The white one in the middle is Bramble. He is a ram lamb. He’s a boy.

The other two are ewe lambs. They are girls. All three lambs had the same father.

The two ewe lambs will go to their new home on Monday afternoon. Someone wants to start their own little herd of sheep. I think that is wonderful.

Favorite Animal

I don’t really have a favorite animal. It is like asking a parent which child is their favorite!

I like all my animals. Matt’s favorite animal is his dog, Titan. He is almost a year old. He is a wonderful puppy!


I do have a favorite flower bed this year. This one. I love all the colors. The snowball bush has never looked so white and fluffy! I think it is very happy growing in this spot.

My carrots aren’t very big this year. But I seem to have quite a few, so that will be fun. Carrots are good at growing in the cold weather so these will stay in the ground until we have a frost.

My pumpkins are growing like crazy! I love my little pumpkin patch.

This pumpkin will turn orange in about a month.

I also have some white pumpkins. I’ve never grown them before. I wonder if I can make pumpkin pie from them?

Our peaches were giant this year! We have pears, too. Today is the day we will pick them and let them finish ripening on the counter.

The greenhouse is getting closer to finished. They put doors on today. One of my young neighbors has been helping. He doesn’t mind picking up rocks. I think he filled 5 buckets full of rocks last week. That’s a big help!

I hope that you have a great week! If you have a garden, I hope it is growing well.

Thank you for all the questions!

Have a wonderful week!

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