Christmas 2020

How was your Christmas vacation? I hope you had a great time with your family. I had a wonderful time with mine.

Here’s what my front room looked like for Christmas this year

Some years we have a ‘living tree.’
A living tree is a tree in a pot that we’ll plant in the spring.
Sometimes they look perfect!
Some years they are a little wonky.

Tim always puts his Nutcracker collection on top of the piano.
This year we put little lights around their feet so we can see them at night, too.

They are easier to see in the daylight.

We also have a small artificial tree by the nativity this year.
I really enjoyed sitting in the front room this year and enjoying the Christmas decorations. It was peaceful and lovely! 
It’s still up. I’ll be taking it down this weekend. Is your Christmas still up? I like to leave it up past New Years because I like to feel the Christmas Spirit right through the beginning of January. 
 *     *     *     *     *

Guess what….. Sadie never learned how to drink from a bucket. Echo taught her how to drink like a regular calf. She’s hungry in the morning, but not hungry enough to learn how to drink from a bucket.

Not many cows can teach their calves to eat like this after
the calf has only been bottle fed for 2 weeks.
Echo is an amazing mama cow.

Every evening I put Sadie in the stall for the night. It keeps her warm and safe.

Every morning I feed her a gallon of milk in a bottle and let her out to spend the day with Echo.

Sadie stays warm because she has plenty of milk during the day,
and she wears a coat when it’s cold.
She doesn’t mind playing in the snow at all!

The back of our barn looks so peaceful in the winter.
I love looking at the snow on the pasture.

Chuck and Side Kick don’t mind the snow, either.

Side Kick is in the stall this week.
Chuck wanted to play with him.
Side Kick isn’t big enough to play with Chuck, so Side Kick got hurt.
He’ll be fine in a few days 
*     *     *     *     *

Did you make a Gingerbread house this year? We did! We made 4!

I forgot to take pictures of the houses. They were cute.

What do you do with your Gingerbread houses when you finish making them? Do you eat them?

We don’t really like to eat they house. They are really fun to make, but they aren’t as tasty as regular cookies.

Do you know who loves to eat our houses?

The animals do!

They don’t get cookies very often.

It’s a special treat for them!

I have a pile of questions from you. Thank you so much! I’ll be answering some of them next week.

I hope you have a great week!

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