Christmas at Welcome Home Farm 2023

It’s January and Christmas is over. I wish you could have come by. We decorated a lot more outside on the farm that we usually do. I even put a Christmas tree in the barn this year.

We also went to visit my very good friends, Santa and Mrs. Claus. They are the nicest people you could ever meet.

It was fun, and a bit challenging, to put some Christmas clothes on the animals. Not all of them got to wear Christmas clothes. But it was fun trying to get them settled down enough to wear them.

Ruby and Shay look so cute in their garland neck wraps.

They also thought they were tasty, so I didn’t leave them on long!

Nacho, the Pig

Nacho was staying with us for the week while her humans were visiting family. She wore the Santa hat… but only while she was eating breakfast.

Nacho’s humans are some of our very good friends. We love to help by taking care of Nacho. Can you imagine how hard it is to find someone to babysit your pig?

They love Nacho so much that they left her a Christmas treat. Cookies! Giant M&M cookies. I think they were Nacho’s favorite treat ever! How many bites did it take for Nacho to eat her cookie?

Christmas Aprons for the Chickens

I made a few of my chickens some aprons. Just for fun. They didn’t mind wearing them at all! I think it helps keep the older hens a little warmer.

I think they look cute running around with little aprons on!

Christmas for the Cows

The cows got some Christmas treats, too. They love corn tortilla strips. We get them at Costco. We eat most of the bag and save a little bit for them.

They also loved their Christmas pumpkins.

My pumpkins weren’t quite ripe before Halloween. I put them in the greenhouse to finish getting orange. They make delicious treats for cows!

Wreaths and Trees for the Barnyard

Next year I think I’ll put up a few more things in the barnyard because it was so much fun to go out each morning and night and see the decorations on the farm.

Do you think it’s silly to have a little tree in the barn? I thought it was lovely!

I loved walking out and seeing the lights glowing on the tree. Stockings were hung on the fence, and I put some big red bows on the hay cube bags.

I found a little scout elf sitting on the tree one morning, too! So fun! No mischief, though. I’m sure he understands that mischief in the barn would get him sent right back to the North Pole!

Do you like decorating wreaths? I thought it was fun to look through the thrift store for ornaments no one wanted. I don’t want expensive ornaments on outdoor decorations.

This is your teacher’s favorite wreath. It is also her dad’s favorite wreath. They both like blue!

The greenhouse got a wreath, too! My friend made me the cutest snowman wreath a few years ago. I love snowmen!

I almost wanted to keep this one in the house. It was so pretty! It looked lovely on our back gate.

So many children like to visit our farm that I decided it would be fun to put together a little Teddy Bear wreath to hang on the playground.

This is my favorite truck. It doesn’t run yet. Nacho’s humans are going to get the engine running again! I am so excited. The truck is old, and rusty. The driver’s side door is almost falling off. I like to imagine all the wonderful times people had when it was running.

Jupiter loved the bench with all the lights and pillows this year. It was his special spot when it was warm. I think he liked to sit on the cozy blanket.

Snuggling inside on chilly days is the place to be!

Christmas Inside

My friend Nikki has beautiful little Christmas things throughout her house. I love seeing what she puts up.

This year she gave me this beautiful cutting board for Christmas! I had a lovely, little basket to put on top. Her daughter-in-law makes them. I talked with her and already have an order in for next year!

My grandfather used to make cutting boards, and so did my dad. I collect special cutting boards because they remind me of people that I love!

Christmas is a story. My beautiful nativity tells the story in such a quiet way. Christmas is fun, too. The first Christmas tells of love and hope and promise. This nativity has been in our family for about 40 years. Over the years we’ve added the trees, the snowflakes, the pretty lace underneath, and the wooden manger. This year someone gave me the beautiful Joy to the World sign.

This is the fun part of Christmas! Stockings and nutcrackers!

Can you find all the nutcrackers with Santa hats?

Can you find all the nutcrackers with blue hats?

How many short nutcrackers do you see?

The only way Mishka would wear the Santa hat was if I put a treat on her nose, and told her to ‘stay.’ Funny dog!

If you look closely you can see she’s got mud spatters all over. It was muddy that day when Tim was throwing the ball for her. She’s such a good dog! Can you get your dog to wear a Santa hat?

Visiting Santa’s Cottage

This year we got to visit Santa and Mrs. Claus. They are the best! Do you remember Quin helping to make Taco Soup? Of course he wanted to bake cookies with Mrs. Claus, too!

Quin had a great time, so did I!

Mrs Claus was showing Quin a wonderful picture of Santa’s grandfather. Did you know Santa has a grandfather?

Santa had a magic book. Quin thought a light up book was amazing to see!

Mrs Claus does the best job decorating her cottage for Christmas! I love it!

Mrs Claus took a picture of us together. Do you see Santa photo-bombing us at the top of the stairs?

We had a wonderful Christmas. We loved being on the farm, visiting with friends and neighbors, and spending time with our wonderful family.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too.

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  1. I love how you decorate the barn, animals and also vehicles! I BET the animals love the tree in the barn. I sure do. It is so welcoming. You had such a fun Christmas! I was told that goats like to used Christmas trees. Is that true for yours? A few goat farms here offered people to bring them used trees instead of throwing them out.
    Love you all.

    1. Yes, the goats, cows, and sheep all eat leftover Christmas trees that haven’t been treated. My neighbor sells Christmas trees and always brings us a few at the end of the year. When the animals are done with eating the needles, we use the woodchipper to cut up the branches. Wood chips make great bedding for the animals and mulch for the garden. Thanks for commenting!

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