Chuck and Side Kick

We got a new animal this week. His name is Side Kick.

Chuck needed a friend because cows, goats, and sheep do better when they are in a herd. A herd is a group of animals that live together. You have probably ‘heard’ of a ‘herd’ of deer, or buffalo, or horses.

This is a herd of buffalo on Antelope Island in Utah.

Side Kick, our new animal, is a lamb. He’s 5 months old.

Chuck and Side Kick like to hang out together.
They keep each other company.
Side Kick is never far away from Chuck.
They are both about the same age.

Side Kick was scared of us at first.
He stayed close to Chuck, but ran away from us.

Yesterday Side Kick decided to have a treat from my hand.
He decided that since Chuck would come over for a treat,
I must be safe.

It’s fun to have a lamb again!

*     *     *     *     *     *
It’s fun to have baby goats, too!
I let them run around and play in the barn when I’m working.

They love to lick out the rest of the grain in the feed buckets.
They are 20 days old today.

I love watching them run and play!
*     *     *     *     *     *
Echo is out on the back pasture during the day.
There is more grass for her to eat in the back.
She loves to come visit me when I’m feeding the chickens.

It’s been a fun week with a new sheep and baby goats running around. It’s been nice to have good weather to work outside, too.

Do you have questions? I really like it when you ask questions. I like to know what you’re interested in on the farm.

I hope you enjoy the weather this week. I hope you do something kind for someone else every day, too!

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