Cider Day 2022

 The cider press is put away and the cider is in the freezer!

We had two Cider Days this year. One was for our friends and neighbors, and one was for you and your families! 

It was so much fun to meet so many of you and have you visit our little farm.

Everyone who came was so nice. Thank you so much for being kind visitors.
So many apples to choose from!

Apples go into the grinder next.

Lots of metal teeth grind the apples to pulp!

See how fast it makes mush out of the apples? Imagine what it would do if your fingers got caught. Yikes!
The apple mush gets put into the basket. Someone uses the lever to press the apples so the juice comes out. Lots of you had a turn, and I hope you had fun learning about a simple machine.

The cider comes out through a hose. Someone makes sure the hose goes into a container.

Everyone who wants a taste gets one… or two… or three tastes!
I hope you thank your teachers for helping.

I’m sure our little playground was so glad to have so many children playing there again!

Sadie and Stormy loved all the visitors.

We had a great time with you all! Everyone was so kind and polite. Thank you for being nice to the animals, too.
Bye until next time!

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