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Clabbered Milk: Part 2

I’ve been doing some more reading about clabbered milk. Some places on the internet say to leave it in a sealed container, but more of the sites I have come across said to leave it in a loosely covered container, preferably the opening should be covered with a cloth.

When I checked the milk on the counter Tuesday morning, there was really no change except that the cream had separated to the top.

So I stirred the cream in a bit, changed the stickers to the side of the container, and covered it with a cloth.

I must say, I am really surprised that there was no nasty smell coming from the milk when I checked it! There was nothing gross about it at all. It still smelled like milk! Surprise!

I’ve lifted the cloth so you can see all our crazy labels. But I’ve had the cloth down over the whole container since I put it on. It’s been sitting on the counter since 11/15/10 but the milk was milked out on 8/11/10 in the evening. It had been sitting in the fridge until I put it on the counter.
I’ve emailed a few friends, and they are interested in the clabbered milk, too! If they find any recipes I’ll be sure to post them here. I’m really curious about this and what can be done with it.
Tomorrow we are at the 4H goat show, but I wanted to update this little experiment because I don’t want to forget what I’ve done and how long it took when I try to reproduce it (or not) later on. 
And just in case there is anyone else out there who is trying this and following along, too!

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