Cleaning Stalls and Other Spring Things

Friday we cleaned one stall. Since we’ve reduced the herd by almost half we could leave the stall empty and let it dry out for a day, but with all the rain I doubt we will be able to. We’ll probably have to let the buck and the steer in for the night.

We also cleaned out the turkey brooder. We bought 5 turkeys on March 22. They are growing well. We started them on Game Bird Starter and they are now on 20% lay pellets. When the weather warms up a bit they will go out with the chickens.

We picked up and packed away the feed empty bags that were taking over the barn. They are great for when we are weeding and need to send the noxious weeds to the dump. They hold a lot and are much sturdier than the lawn and leaf bags we can buy at the store. Plus, these are free…. sort of. We had to pay for the feed, but we consider it recycling. The best kind of recycling because it doesn’t use any resources to break down a finished product to turn it into something new.

Here’s the little lamb we brought home from Lamb and Wool Festival on April 12th. He was about 3 weeks old in this picture.

The lamb (Vet2Be named him “Stew”) is doing well and doesn’t mind hanging out with the steer, Dinner. We keep him in a nice stall most of the time because he’s so small he fits through all the fencing!

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