Cleaning the Closets!

I really needed to spend bunches of time on choir music…..

but when the going gets tough…..

the tough clean closets…… right !?

I should have taken a before picture of our linen closet. It didn’t really have very many linens in there. It was full of milking equipment, extra milk jars, plastic bags, aluminum foil and plastic wrap, and my cheesemaking equipment.

But I NEEDED a place to put towels and sheets!

So I cleaned the closet–two closets, in fact.

I cleaned the coat closet that housed a bazillion empty CD cases, some old kites, too many mismatched mittens, and a book case.

We believe in “Fix it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without”. We also try to re-purpose things so we don’t have to spend unnecessary money.

So, I cleaned out the coat closet, and cleaned out the linen closet.

This shelf unit came out of the wash room. I had another shelf unit that worked well in the same spot–but would never have fit here. All of this was in the linen closet! My favorite thing…. to the left of the shelf is my parchment paper hanging from a skirt hanger! I have never been able to find a good way to store my parchment paper so that it wouldn’t get wrinkled or folded! This is perfect!

I also hung up all my tablecloths and placemats using skirt hangers. Yay! No more wrinkles! I have a really ugly counter top in the kitchen so I almost always use placemats to cover it up.

One day I’ll paint it. But right now I’m just really glad to have room for some towels and sheets! You can still see the extra milk jars at the bottom, but that’s okay. I have room!!!

We haven’t bought new towels for years… about 10 years. One of our local stores had all clearance towels (really nice ones!) for $4 each–so I got some new towels! That means if we have guests they can have a towel! A nice one! Not just an old one that we use for kidding season (don’t worry–we never really did that to our guests, but there have been times when it was a close call!)

It’s funny, I usually like closet doors closed, but I leave the closet door open a little. I walk by the coat closet so many times every day — and I love taking a peek inside because it is so nice to have it organized and neat!

And then I tackled the choir music….

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