Clothes Clip Matching

This is just one of my random posts, not really a farming or homemaking post. But it was fun and I will probably end up adapting it to another use sometime.

Color Matching Clothes Clip Game

All my kids are grown (pretty much). I loved making and creating educational toys or games when they were younger and I kinda miss it.

Enter CooleyBug and her family! Yay!

I found this great idea here on Tot School and thought I could do this!

Then, after thinking for a while, I thought that this might not be enough for the little one that is almost in Kindergarden.

So I added ABC matching on the back of the clips.

Since the front of the clips match colors, this is an easy way for the older one to ‘check’ her work. If the colors match on the other side of the ABCs, then she got the answers right.

Unfortunately I started this project before breakfast, I should have put the color on the clip side instead of the handle side. Oh, well!

Blondie uses clothes clips in her 3rd grade classroom as a way to check attendance, if the child wants to buy lunch that day, and as a behavior reward.

I think I might make a set of these for her next year so that each child can have a different color clip. It would also be an easy way to divide the kids into groups (all the yellows get together to read over in that corner…)

I think I’d like a few on my fridge that have a magnet on the back to hold notes and lists and quotes. I would probably put the color along the whole length of the clip because that would probably look better.

I didn’t add the color from the paint chip all the way along the clip on the matching game because I only wanted to use one set of paint chips from the store, not two.

Here’s another idea I came up with. It is NOT well executed at all because I spent about 5 minutes on it. But it might get someone’s creative juices flowing!

It was a fun, quick, and inexpensive project.

I love those!

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