Copper is Working!

These photos were taken about a week after we gave all the goats their spring copper bolus. The hair is already starting to grow back on Curly and Annie’s noses. We’ve trained our goats to love bananas so I put a bolus in the middle of a piece of banana and they gobble it down. It’s so easy!

Bryon is working on a Prime 90 supplement especially for the goats. It will have higher amounts of copper, selenium, and cobalt. Goats tend to need higher amounts of those minerals than other animals. Right now we give them the Equine formula, which works well, but I have to supplement once or twice a year with a copper bolus.

They also have a ‘blue lick’ available that helps them get their cobalt. Link We buy ours locally at IFA, but many feed stores carry them or they can order them in.

Yay! He’s growing new hair!

You can even see the new growth on Annie’s nose.

Doesn’t he look so content?

More info about dosing with copper can be found here.

I really do love it when something works so quickly!

One more thing I love….

We have enough milk to make cheese again!

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