Cows in the Yard

 The grass in the backyard got really long over the last few weeks. The cows love coming in the back yard and grazing for an hour before the lawn gets mowed.

It’s fun to see the cows right in the back yard.

Sometimes it’s funny to see the cows in the backyard
because they peek in the glass door!

We haven’t turned on the sprinklers yet. Many people have been watering already. We’ve had rain, and we also use a soil conditioner 3 times a year. 

We don’t need as much water or as much lawn fertilizer as most people do. We like that! So do the cows and the sheep! Our grass grows so well so they have lots of snacks!

*     *     *     *     *

Sadie is tied between the two fences so that 
the tech can check her.

Our awesome tech came out to check on Sadie because she still hasn’t had her calf.

Unfortunately she isn’t pregnant. She had some positive pregnancy tests, and she had milk in her udder. We were all a little confused because that usually means the cow will have a baby.

Our tech will come back on Monday and breed her again. We’re really, really  hoping that she gets pregnant this time! She’s such a good cow that we think she would make a good mama cow. Echo, her mom, has great milk so we think Sadie’s milk will be delicious, too!

It was evening when I took this photo of Gracie 
so it’s a bit dark

Do you remember a few weeks ago that Gracie hatched out a duckling? I think a mouse or snake snuck into the nest and grabbed the day old duckling. When I went out the next morning it was missing. I looked around but couldn’t find it anywhere. 

So, no baby cow and no baby duckling this spring.

I still have two baby lambs!
Bunny loves morning snuggles!

Usually lamb tails hang down. 
When Bunny gets snuggles, her tail goes up.
Sometimes she wags her tail when she’s snuggling.
Little wagging lamb tails make me smile!

Do you see all the hoof prints in the garden bed?
Bunny follows me everywhere.
She was in the garden with me while I was planting onions.
She traipsed right through the bed where I planted.

Bunny will probably be going to her new home in about 3 weeks. I’ll miss her. The farm where she was born is so excited for when she’s old enough to come back! They are looking forward to a snuggly little lamb that comes when she’s called.

Do you see the row of little plants at the bottom of the fence?
Those are peas! I planted peas more than a month ago.
I didn’t think they were going to come up at all.
They were just waiting for the weather to be good enough for them to sprout.

I have to keep Bunny out of the garden now. She’ll nibble all the pea plants down, and we won’t get any peas for our family. 
The weather is nice enough that the new little apple trees 
are sprouting leaves and blossoms.
It’s hard to see the little pink blossoms. 
I won’t let any apples grow this year because I want the tree to spend
all it’s energy growing branches and roots.
It’s really fun to see the little blossoms, even though
 I’ll need to pick the little apples that will grow there.

We’re so happy for Springtime! It brings lambs and blossoms and a new garden and lots of chicken eggs!

I hope you have a wonderful week full of life and learning!

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