Cutting Down Some Trees

We needed a few trees cut down. They are old and had a lot of dead branches in them. One tree hung over our neighbors fence and we were concerned that it might fall down and ruin the fence.

Another tree was so thin and scraggly that we decided it was better to take it down since it didn’t give much shade.

The men who cut down the trees were very careful to save our new walnut tree.
Can you see it in the photo?

Here it is! All safe and sound. With the other tree gone, the walnut tree will get a lot of sun and should grow to be a big, shady tree.

Can you see the man in the tree?
He has safety equipment on so if anything happens he won’t be injured.

What happens with the piles of branches?

It will take us hours to clean up all the branches and chip them. We use the chipper on the end of the tractor to make piles of wood chips. We’ll use all the chips in the flower beds to help keep weeds from growing, and help us use less water.

The wood from the tree trunks will be stacked and we’ll use it in the wood stove in the winter. It will keep our big family room warm. We have to build a wood shed this year, too. I’ll show you pictures of that when we get started.

The tree with the skateboard swing is still strong! Everyone loves the skateboard swing!

Do you have any questions about the trees coming down or the chipper? Please write your questions neatly and put them in the box. I’ll find the best questions and answer some next week.

If you’re reading this at home with your parents you can have them ask a question in the comments. I’ll read it and answer the question in the next post!

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