CooleyBug needed to disbud some goat kids. She was really, really sick a few weeks ago when it would have been best to do it, but we went ahead and did it last Monday anyway. CooleyBug has some mini-LaManchas and some Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Each of the six kids we disbudded got a tetanus anti-toxin shot before being disbudded just to be on the safe side.
Here are a few photos that our neighbor friend took during the process.

So cute!
We always spray Blue Kote after we are done disbudding. Then again 12 hours later, and once more 12 hours after that. The only year we didn’t spray we had terrible disbudding infections.
This little one was snuggling close to Vet2Be.
Then it screamed, “Oh, please! Let me go back to my Mama!” He got a shot anyway!
This photo was so funny! This little goat really looks worried!

Disbudding seemed to go well. They all got up and ran out to their mamas after they were disbudded. I’m curious to see how well it worked on the kids that had horns 2″ tall already. I’ve never done goats this late and hope that we did a good enough job that they won’t have scurs.

These little goats are louder than the big goats, though! Next time… ear plugs 🙂

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