Do I Like Living on a Farm? And Other Questions.


Yes, I’m happy that we have a farm. It’s lots of work, but I like being outside every day. I like working hard, and I like being around the animals.

I like working in the garden. I like growing some of our food. I really like fresh eggs and milk every day! 

I like feeding the lambs in the spring. I like feeding the calf in the fall.

I like climbing fences (not gates). 

I don’t like working in the heat of summer. July and August are hard because they are so hot. I love working in the spring and the fall. 

We live on a farm because we think it’s good for our family. We learn to work hard, and we get to eat really good food because we have a little farm.

We grew everything on the plate at our farm. It was a delicious dinner!

There are lots of good things we learn and do on the farm. There are hard things, too. We still miss our cow, Echo. She died a few weeks ago.

Sometimes the garden doesn’t grow as well as we hope, that’s hard, too.

Happy thing and hard things are part of everything you choose to do.

Yes, we have cows on our farm. The cows are usually my favorite animal to work with every day.

I love watching the cows graze. It’s so peaceful. They look so pretty out on the pasture.

Little Stormy is growing every day.  Sadie still loves her, and she loves Sadie.

It’s so fun to feed Stormy! She comes running when she knows I have a bottle for her.

She cut her hoof this morning. I’m not sure what she cut it on. She may have stuck it through the fence. When she pulled it out, she may have scratched it.

I washed it off and put some medicine on it. The medicine for cows and other animals is blue. It kills lots of bacteria so the cut won’t get infected.

I’m so happy that Stormy is an easy-going calf. She didn’t mind me cleaning and caring for her hoof.

She rested in the stall for about an hour. After that she was out in the barnyard and the field like she usually is.

We have a lot of chickens! We get about a dozen eggs a day right now. Our chickens are all more than 2 years old. Older chickens don’t lay as many eggs.
Have fun counting the chickens!

There are a few more chickens in the barn. A few weeks ago I showed you the hen and chicks inside the barn. They are growing and doing well. I forgot to take a picture of them for you today. 

Thanks for all your questions! I’ll answer more next week.

And I’ll see many of you later this afternoon for Cider Day!

Here are a few things to remember when you come:

Wear shoes with closed toes (no sandals or flip-flops)

Try turning the crank on the apple grinder.

Taste some fresh apple cider.

Pet the animals when they come to the fence. Never chase the animals.

Stay off the gates and the fences.

Take lots of pictures to share with your friends and family.

Ask lots of questions. 

Have fun while you are here! 

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