Dog Bath for the Kid Goats

I found this on Freecycle, so Vet2Be and I went to pick it up.

Booster Bath for dogs

It seemed to be perfect for washing kid goats and getting them ready for the shows. It might also be good for our dogs.

The straps were there, but they were falling apart, good thing I keep ‘stuff’ around. I have some straps from old back-packs, old carry bags… all sorts of old horse stuff.

This is what I started with:

And after going through the sewing basket, this is what we have now!

30 minutes worth of work and scrounged parts = new cross tie straps for the Booster Bath!

We tried it out on Misty, the goat Vet2Be will be showing this year….. and it works great!

Thank you Freecycle! And a thrifty nature!

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