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We have so many ducks and chickens that we decided to get rid of some before winter hits. It doesn’t cost much when they are free range in the summer, but come winter it costs more than we want to spend. Ducks eat almost 1/2 pound of feed per day!

We sold 10 ducks, so we are now down to about 12. We sold the 1-2 year olds and kept the ducklings we got this spring. Five left on Thursday and when we did the evening chores I couldn’t believe how much quieter it was in the poultry pen. Five more will go on Saturday to a different family.

Some of the ducks have already been sold in this photo, some of the other chickens and ducks are out wandering around. Downsizing is a great idea! It should make spring cleaning much easier 🙂

We gave away 6 of the older hens, too! I can’t believe someone wanted older hens, but we had 2 families that were interested in them. I put them in the online classifieds and they were spoken for within about 10 minutes of being posted. I’m not sure how many more people would have called if I had left the ad on longer.

And we sold Glacier and Jack (her wethered buckling) today, too. We are sad to see her go, but Vet2Be wants to keep Glacier’s doeling because he thinks she is going to be better than her mother. Glacier is still milking 4-6 pounds each morning, so the woman who is buying her is very excited.

This is a photo of Glacier last year with one of her kids. She is a fantastic mom, kidding without any help! She also doesn’t mind visitors peeking in while she is kidding. We were able to watch her have her second kid this year.

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