Emma’s Casket

Carpenter built the casket for Emma. He is Emma’s uncle and our son-in-law. I lined it with the same fabric as I used to make the dress and the hankies for the women. I wasn’t sure if they would want a pillow lined with pink or white, so I lined one side with pink and the other with white. They can use whichever side they want that way.

I left the pink side of the pillow up in the picture so you could see the pillow better. I stapled the bottom of the lining to the bottom of the casket along the seams so you can’t see it. I had to use hot glue to attach the top of the lining to the inside wall. I couldn’t figure out any other way to do it.
 The trim isn’t caulked yet. It will look much better when you can’t see any cracks at the corners. I used a bit of the ribbon, trim detail, and pearl that I used on the women’s hankies.

The lid is a bit too tight this morning. The trim won’t fit inside the casket box. Carpenter will have to fix that before he brings it to the mortuary sometime in the next day or two.
I love the walnut and the maple together. I think the casket is beautiful. I hope the family will like it and that knowing that there were so many people who cared to use their hands to make things for their little girl will bring them comfort during this difficult time.

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