End of School and Rockets!

Welcome back for the last Farm Friday of the school year.

I hope you’ve had fun, and learned some interesting things about small farms, and the animals we have.

I’ll be posting every Friday during the summer, too. If you want to check in once in a while you can leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

Hopefully we’ll get the time to finish our greenhouse this summer!

You might think that all we do is work with animals, milk, make cheese, and work in the garden. It might surprise you to know that we have many hobbies!

Other things that I like to do are teach guitar (I usually have between 14 and 20 students), knit, spin wool on a spinning wheel, sew and quilt, help neighbors with their livestock (that’s a big word that means farm animals), and volunteer in church.

Everyone in our family reads, that’s why we have so many smart people in our family! Some of us read books, some of us listen to books, and one of us writes books and short stories. We learn many interesting things by reading.

Some people play piano, some people play guitar, some people play violin, and some people play mp3s. We all like music!

Many people in our family like to build with wood. Some people build small things like violins. Some people build medium sized projects, and some build big projects like houses!

We like to spend time together as a family. We go camping together in the summer, and we get together for barbecues at least once a month, even in the winter!

Sometimes we go to movies, but we don’t have much time to watch TV. There are so many other interesting things to do that we don’t waste much time checking out the newest TV shows.

We also like to shoot rockets! We don’t get to do that as often as we used to. Last weekend we had the chance to build rockets and shoot them off. It was so much fun!

One person in our family loves taking pictures and videos! He let me post the videos he took of us shooting off rockets for you to see.

I hope you come visit the blog to see what we do during the summer. And I hope you have a wonderful summer vacation!

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