Fabric Produce Bags

I ran across a pattern for fabric produce bags that were so cute that I had to make some!

I found the link at Daisy Janie‘s blog, she has a free pattern for downloading–that speaks to my frugal nature.

Bags with produce inside….

Slip the long handle through the small loop and the produce stayed right inside!

Since I have some scrap fabric on hand, I decided to give some a try. I ended up making four! Two for my aunt who always uses reusable grocery bags, and two for me to see if I will really remember to take them to the grocery store!

They were really easy to make. Each one takes about 20 minutes for me to put together. I used a serger for the seams on the first three… then of course my 25 year old serger decided that it was time to give up the ghost!

The last one I made with the sewing machine. Since the bags are made to hold produce, I zig-zagged the seams after sewing them with a straight stitch for more strength.

I took two to the store, just to see how I liked them. I do! It is really nice to have the produce inside a fabric bag instead of sweating inside a plastic bag. Not only do these bags fit in my purse so I don’t have to remember them, they are soooo much cuter than the plastic ones at the grocery store!

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