Fall Camping

It can be tricky to leave the farm. Who can we trust to take care of the farm while we’re gone? We have remarkable neighbors. The girl who helped take care of the farm while we were gone is only 14. She is responsible and trustworthy. She does exactly what needs to be done while we’re gone.

She knows that animals need proper care or they may get sick, or they may die. She has helped me before while I’m home and learned her farm lessons well.

We had fall break last weekend. It was wonderful! We visited Little Grand Canyon and San Rafael Swell. I’ve never seen petroglyphs before so it was really interesting.

The Little Grand Canyon is still very big!

These photos were taken from right outside our camper.

It was hard to believe that people between 1,000 years ago and 2,000 years ago left pictures on canyon walls. That is so long ago! There are so many stories in the pictures. We don’t know the stories they were trying to tell, so we have to figure out what they were thinking. It’s not easy.

You can make up your own stories using the petroglyph pictures. That might be fun!

There are so many petroglyphs on this rock that it might be a very long story.
There are so many people in this picture, maybe they are having a feast!

What story would you write about this picture?

I think I would wright a story about a ram and a squirrel for this picture.
What do these pictures remind you of?
We also got to see a dinosaur footprint. It was remarkable!
I should have put someone’s foot next to the dinosaur footprint so you could see the size. 

Imagine that! A dinosaur that left a footprint here thousands and thousands of years ago. That footprint was there long before the people painted on canyon walls.

It was really fun to watch Nathan fly his drone. He is so good with it that he can tell it to land and he can snatch it right out of the air!

I love going camping! I love being outdoors and seeing so many beautiful and interesting sights. I have fond memories of camping with my children when they were younger. We used to go to the same places every year.

Now we’re making new memories by visiting lots of new places and seeing more wonderful sights.

Sometimes we have trouble before we leave, or while we’re camping. Sometimes things break that we don’t expect, and sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Before we left the cable on the camper that holds up the roof came unhooked.

Thankfully we have an awesome camper repair man that can come out the same day and fix it!

This pole holds up the tent pull-out on our camper.
It wasn’t in great shape when I left, but a windstorm the first night made it unusable.

Until Nate cut a piece of wood and taped it inside the curve of the support.
Now it’s stronger than when it was new!

I love it when we have challenges and we can work together to figure out a way to get things solved.

Another think I love about camping is that the food is delicious! I love eating outside. I love the smell of fresh air. I love looking at the trees, canyons, mountains, and streams. Where ever we camp, it is beautiful.

Coming home is wonderful, too. Some of our family can sleep anywhere, but some of our family is more comfortable in their own bed at home instead of in a camper.

It’s always nice to come home and see our pets and our farm again.

Did you know you can teach some cats to do tricks? Tommy can do a fist-bump for treats!

We love camping and seeing wonderful sights. We love being home, too.

We live a wonderful life


we believe we do.

Wonders 2nd Grade Unit 2 Week 2

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