Farm Animals and Their Favorite Treats

We have sheep, goats, cows, and chickens. Animals like treats, just like humans do.

What are your favorite treats? Do you like cupcakes or candy? What are your favorite treats? Do you like candy or deserts or ice cream? Maybe you like potato chips or corn chips. Animals like treats, too.

Farm animals, like humans, like a treats. Whoever is giving them a treat becomes their ‘best friend’ and the animals look forward to that person taking care of them.

Thanks for the question, Jovie!

People love treats that are not always good for their body. You and your parents get to decide what treats are okay for you to have in small amounts so that you will stay healthy.

Farm animals like treats, too. Their treats are usually good for them, especially if they don’t have too much of the treat.

Chicken Treats

Chickens: Scratch, Old Fruits, and Vegetables Chickens love scratch. Scratch is a name of a a mix of cracked corn, grains, and seeds. It’s called scratch because chickens love scratching around in the dirt for grains, seeds, and bugs. Old fruits and vegetables make for great treats, too. You eat vegetables and fruits because they give your body vitamins and minerals that you need. Chickens love scraps from your kitchen like leafy greens, overripe tomatoes, and even fruit peels. I call my chickens when I have a treat. They come running because they know they are getting a treat. You probably have a breakfast cereal that has a fun name, too.


Goats: Bananas, Fruit, and Uncooked Spaghetti Goats like all sorts of fruits, like apples, bananas, and melons. They like vegetable scraps from the kitchen, too. We don’t feed them vegetables like broccoli or onions. Those vegetables may be good for them, but they also make their milk taste yucky.

My goats like uncooked spaghetti. They love the crunchy noodles. I think it’s really fun to hear them crunching, too. Do you have a favorite crunchy food?

These baby goats are waiting for me to let them out to their mamas. They love to have a little bit of grain in the morning, too. They think I’m their friend because I give them a treat each day.


Sheep: Grain and Occasional Treats My sheep like mixed grain. It’s like candy to them so I don’t them much. I give them a handful each day so they stay friendly and come when I call.

Imagine eating a whole bag of Halloween candy. It would be delicious at first, but after eating the whole bag you would probably have a stomach ache. Our sheep like a mix of corn, oats, and barley. It’s best to let sheep graze on pasture grass because that provides what they need. They don’t need much variety in their food, which is what makes them so easy to keep on a farm.

Little One and Angel are waiting for their morning treat. They run right up to me and nuzzle me hoping I have something yummy for them.

Blondie likes me to throw her treat on the ground. She’s very protective of her babies right now. She stomps her foot if I get too close. What a good mama!


Cows: Bread and Fruit My cows don’t really have a favorite treat. They enjoy scraps like the goats do, foods like old bread and fruit. They love stale bread, old muffins, and apples. Just like the goats and sheep, I have to be careful about giving them too many treats. I don’t want to have a cow with an upset stomach.

One thing I look forward to is giving the cows and goats a few peaches when we have some that have fallen onto the ground.

They chew and chew….. and then spit out the pit on the ground.


Our dogs love to come out to the barn with me in the morning. They love all the smells. They really like checking to make sure everything is as it should be each morning. Sometimes Titan sneaks out to the chicken pen and eats some of the scraps I put out for them. That isn’t good for him, so I have to keep a careful eye on him to see where he goes.

Our dogs all love it when I milk the goats. I always give them a little splash of milk on the floor. They look forward to it every morning.

Scout is almost blind now because he’s so old. I remember when he was younger and I could squirt milk right into his mouth. That was really fun to see!

Are you careful about how much candy and desert you eat? I’m careful and don’t eat too many treats, too. I’m also careful about how many treats we give to our cows, goats, and sheep. We’re also careful to not give our dogs and cats too many treats.

Dogs, cats, sheep, cows, goats, and most animals won’t live as long if they are too fat. Treats should be a little bit of yummy in their regular daily food and not replace it.

I think that’s best for people, too.

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