Farm Day!

We’ve been busy for 3 weeks getting ready for Visit the Farm and Meet Mike Kennedy Day.

Mike brought in the Phrozen Soft Serve truck and treated everyone to ice cream. He also brought in the signs and parked a car on the highway pointing the way.

We provided the farm activities (and a few posters at the grocery store, at the local school, and on our curb).

What was there to see and do? 
Sorry, I was so busy visiting with people that I didn’t take photos, but here’s a list….
Navajo Rug display
Spinning demonstration (on a Navajo spindle and a Turkish drop spindle)
Sheep and llama shearing
Free soft serve ice cream
Enter a drawing to win a pair of Americauna pullets (chicks). Three winners!
Visit with Mike
Play on the swings and the slide (while adults visit with Mike!)
Visit the Honey Bees (Carniolans, don’t worry, they are gentle honey bees)
Visit, pet, and feed (if you fill 1/2 a bag with foxtail weeds you can trade it in for a cup of feed) the sheep, llamas, kid-goats, milk goats, heifer, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and bunny.
There were 28 posters around telling about the animals we raise here, too!


One of the nicest things about Mike and Farm Day was that he and his wife wandered around and enjoyed the activities and the farm. They didn’t just sit under the pavilion and wait for people to come to them. They were partners in this adventure, and really enjoyed being here and visiting with everyone.

We’re usually not very politically involved in our family. But my neighbors thought I would be a good County Delegate, so they voted for me to represent them at the County Convention. In my efforts to get to know the candidates so I could vote conscientiously, I got to know Mike and really liked him.

We offered to help him in his Primary Campaign. He asked if we would host a Visit the Farm and Meet Mike Kennedy Day. We agreed, and hopefully the people who came had a wonderful time and got to know a great man who really wants to serve our community.

When someone says there’s a ‘grass roots’ movement….. I think of a farm. Today was real ‘grass roots’!

We were really glad to help and had a wonderful time visiting with so many people!

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