Farm Day 2024

Thanks for coming to Farm Day! We had so much fun, I hope you did, too.

Sheep Shearing

One of the favorite things to see was the sheep shearing. He uses giant clippers to take the wooly coats off the sheep.

It’s getting warmer and the sheep really need to get rid of their winter coats.

Look how thick and fluffy Bramble’s coat is! I wouldn’t want to wear a heavy winter coat right now.

Bramble and the other sheep have been very happy since Dallan came and sheared them. They are ready for Spring and Summer, just like you and I are.

Microgreen Planting

What are microgreens? You can read about how we planted them on this post.

It looked like you had so much fun planting with Nikki and Jerie, two of my friends who came to help with the stations this year.

Remember to keep them watered so that they don’t dry out. We planted on Monday, so all of them should be ready to put in a sunny window now.

Did you choose a funny face for yours?


I am very grateful for my neighbor Wyatt. He borrowed my incubator and got some eggs from another neighbor. He is in middle school and hatched out the eggs using the incubator all by himself.

He is a good friend. He loves to help people. I was very glad he came to help with Farm Day and show you his new chicks that were only 1 week old.

I hope you remember that you don’t need to be an adult to help other people. Wyatt is always willing to help, and he has a good time doing it!

Dairy Cows

Did you get to see MissE and Stormy? Did you get to see how the milker works? Our good friend from Matt’s Towing loves cows. He doesn’t have any of his own right now. He loves to come help show kids and families about cows at Farm Day.

Felted Soap

I think this is one of the most fun things to make at Farm Day. Most of the kids have a great time squishing the wool around the soap until the wool turns into a little sweater around the soap.

If you did this project, you can take your soap camping and have a washcloth and a soap all in one. I know kids who love to use it when they take a shower or a bath, too.

If you ever go to a hotel that has little soaps, you can save them and do this project again at home. Thank you teachers for helping at this station!

Subirrigation Planters

That’s a big word, isn’t it! It just means that the planter has 2 parts. One part holds dirt to grow a seed, the bottom part holds water so you don’t always have to water it.

We put a piece of plastic wrap over the top so that it would be a little greenhouse until the seed sprouts.

You planted the seeds that I saved from my pumpkins last fall. Did you plant Ghost Pumpkins, or the light green pumpkins, or the very light orange pumpkins?

I love all of them. I have seeds planted, too. I can’t wait to put them in the ground and watch them grow.

Friendly Lambs

Do you remember Shaun the Sheep? This is his brother, Gus.

Shaun came to visit, too. He loved being around all of the families!

I have so many good friends who come help at Farm Day so that everyone who visits has a fun time. I’m also very grateful that they are raising the lambs. They are the perfect family to raise young lambs.

I knew that Blondie was going to have lambs soon after Farm Day. Aren’t they cute? Once they are old enough they will go live on my friend’s farm in Payson.

Baby Goats

I hope you got to visit the baby goats, too. They are so much fun when they are this age. They run and play and jump on things, just like human kids do.

Map of the Farm

We had so many fun things for you to see and do. I hope you had a wonderful time.

I think this family had a great time.

It was so fun to meet so many of you in person.

I’m so grateful for the many volunteers and helpers that we had to make this a fun visit for you. Can you guess how many people came to help?

Here are some of the people that helped make Farm Day happen for you.

I think we had about 24 volunteers come and help so that you could have a nice time visiting a real farm. You should thank your teachers for coming, too. Especially thank Mrs. Trin because she took all the photos for us.

Next week, I’ll answer a few more of your questions.

Have a great week!

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