Favorite Books for My Homestead

Your class is asking some interesting questions this year! It has been a lot of fun answering them. You must be a really smart class this year because you are interested in so many different things.

I like watching YouTube to learn things, too. Reading is better for my brain ‘muscles’ because it helps me to think in different ways. Reading is often a little harder than just plopping down on the couch and watching a video about something.

I have favorite books that help me learn more about the world around me. They are like having a GPS when going on a trip in the car. My favorite books show me a better way to live, learn, and grow.

We have a lot of books at our house. We also have about 40 boxes of books in the storage shed that we can’t fit in the house.

We have children’s books and story books.

We have books that teach about gardening and livestock, books that teach about making cheese, books that teach math and science, books that teach about computers, books that teach sewing and knitting, books about spinning wool into yarn, books that teach building things out of wood, books full of recipes, and books with stories from long ago. I have a closet full of music books because I teach guitar and ukulele.

We have books in every room of the house!

Heather loves books so much that she collects beautiful old books. Some have leather covers, some have regular covers. She loves to put new covers on old books, too. That’s called ‘book binding.’

Tim is a writer who writes spooky stories, and fun stories. He has 3 books on Amazon.

Books are like magic wands for learning new things any time in your life! Books are like treasure chests full of exciting adventures, interesting facts, and wonderful stories waiting to be discovered.

Reading helps us learn new words and ideas. Reading lets us visit different worlds and get to know other people, some who are living now, and some who lived a long time ago. Books can be magical doors that lead us to a world of imagination.

A Gift From the Sea

I love this peaceful, quiet book because the author tells about finding shells on the beach. Each shell teaches her how to live her life a little better.

This book is a treasure to me because my dad gave it to me a long time ago.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is one of my favorites because it tells the story of a mean bully who ends up realizing that being everyone’s friend is a much happier way to live his life.

Not only is this a wonderful story, the book is a treasure because it was given by my mother to my girls when they were little. It has beautiful pictures in it, so it is lovely to look through, too.

On Walden Pond

I love camping and being outside. I like growing food and taking care of my house.

This book tells about a man who did an experiment. He left town and all the fancy things behind to live near a pond for a year. He grew all his own food and chopped wood for heat. He found out that it is good to live simply sometimes, and leave all the gadgets behind. He found out that it is good to be outside and enjoy hard work.

A Helpful Book for Raising Sheep and Goats

This has been the most helpful book for me to learn how to care for my sheep and goats. It is pretty expensive, but worth every penny! It has answers to almost every question I have ever had about my sheep and goats. I learned a lot and I still use this book when people call me with questions.

Lord of the Rings

Mrs. Hahns favorite books are the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. She likes it much better than the movies.

Doesn’t that book look worn out? That’s because it gets read so often. You already know that Mrs. Hahn loves dragons and fairytales and stories of adventure.

Bilbo and Frodo both had difficult adventures. Sometimes they got discouraged. Quite often they had to work very hard to accomplish something that was very difficult. Bilbo and Frodo had Gandalf as a teacher, and Frodo had Sam as his good friend.

I love this book, too. Sometimes things seem very hard in life. Sometimes I trick myself into thinking that something is impossible.

Remembering Bilbo fighting a dragon, and Frodo climbing Mount Doom to destroy the Ring in the lake of lava help me to remember that I can do hard things, too.

I like to remember what Frodo said before he left for Mount Doom. “I will take the Ring, though I do not know the way.” Sometimes learning something new is really hard. I try to remember that I can always find a teacher, and I always have at least one friend who believes that I can, and who will encourage and help me when I need it.

Making Books

Do you remember I told you that Heather likes to put new covers on books?

She made this one for Mrs. Hahn. I love the door on the front. It reminds me that there is an adventure inside this book, and inside every book I open.

Reading is Magic

Do you like Harry Potter? Harry had to learn how to use his magic wand, just like you are learning how to read. Harry and his friends had to learn a lot before they could use their wands well. Sometimes they made mistakes while they were learning.

You are learning a lot of things right now. Some things are easy (its good to think about the easy things) and some things are really hard to learn.

These are two different wands that Heather made for her friends. Her friends like pretending that they are wizards.

Heather worked really hard on those wands. She has a 3D printer that she learned how to use. She messed up on a lot of wands before she got them to look as pretty as these do. Sometimes learning means making mistakes.

Which wand is your favorite?

Do you have a favorite book? If you do, why is it your favorite?

Wave your reading magic wand and go on learning journey through the pages of books! You can be like Bilbo and defeat whatever dragon or hard thing you are working on right now. You can be like Frodo who figured out how to enter Mount Doom and destroy the ring. You can be like Harry Potter and his friends who made mistakes and still kept trying until they were really good at being wizards.

What will you learn from a book today?

Fun Photos From This Week

I’ve been on an adventure making a type of bread called sourdough. My family doesn’t like bread that is super sour. I got a start from my friends at Saratoga Jacks. It turns out great every time!

It is a muddy mess in the barnyard right now!

Silly chickens. Sometimes they lay eggs in funny places. I found this one on top of a bale of hay.

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