Fixed-up Cabinet

I got one project done! Horray!

I got this cabinet from Freecycle:

One door had broken off the hinges.
There was water damage to the back.

There was a scratch on the front of one of the doors, and one handle was missing.

After about 4 hours of work, which is probably too much for a particle board cabinet with water damage…

This is what I get to pass on to my daughter! She needs a small cabinet in her kitchen to put a few extras in, as well as having a ‘pile place’ for her husband to set his keys and other things when he gets home from work.
It’s even got blue fabric on the inside back of the cabinet.

Blue, especially this blue, is Blondie’s favorite color.

I learned alot, which was the point of taking the project on. I learned how to use old paneling to replace the cardboard backing, which made the whole cabinet very sturdy.

I learned how to put on hinges, and that I probably should have trimmed 1/4″ off the door before I put the hinges on. The doors close pretty well, but if there was a little more room between the doors they would have closed better.

I learned that Elmer’s Spray Adhesive was a better choice to adhere the fabric to the doors than Mod Podge was. I’m glad I did something right!

I learned how to use a miter box and saw to cut the trim.

And I learned that fixing up an old piece of particle board furniture was worth the learning experience, but probably not worth the $10 it cost to fix it up.

I have another ‘thing’ from Freecycle to make over, an old dresser without drawers. It will end up in Blondie’s classroom since she needs more shelves in there. I’m glad it doesn’t have hinges and doors on it, it should be an easier project.

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