Fixing the Solar Light Post

We seem to buy new solar lights every three years or so because the plastic piece that attaches the light to the post gets broken.

I thought about what I could use to fix it and came up with this.

I removed the screw and the broken plastic piece from the bottom. I drilled a hole in a PVC cap, and screwed it to the bottom of the light using the original screw.

I haven’t spray painted the cap yet. I did manage to spray paint the PVC pipe, which ended up being almost exactly the same color as the light itself.

Next I’ll cut the PVC pipe to the size I need, and place the pipe on the rebar we have pounded in the flower beds.

Those little plastic spikes don’t work in our rocky soil so we’ve been using rebar or 1/2″ electrical conduit pounded into the ground instead.

The best part about the rebar and conduit is that they stay straight, the plastic spikes never did keep the light upright.

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