Friday Photos from the Farm #2

I started a new project with my daughter who teaches First Grade. It’s called Friday Photo from the Farm.

Each week I send a few photos from the farm with a few words about the animals or whatever I decided to take a photo of that week.

Here is a link to the standards I am following. Scroll to the bottom of the page for Standard 4.

I’ll be posting on Thursday for anyone who would like to follow along and prep for Friday.

Here is what I sent the First Graders today!

Here are the dairy goats waiting to come in for breakfast. The white ones get milked each morning, but the brown one is ‘dry’. Dry means that she isn’t giving milk right now. She still gets some grain and vitamins for breakfast, just like the other three. Their names (from left to right) are Misty, Annie, Clover, and Sandy. Sandy is a goofball!

This is Penny. She is Sandy’s ‘kid’. A kid is a baby goat. She is about 4 months old. She doesn’t look very much like her mother, does she? I think the only thing that looks the same are the shape of their ears. What do you think looks the same or different? Penny’s sire (dad) was brown, just like Penny! Penny’s grand-dam (grandmother) is Clover.

This is Izzy. She was named after our neighbor’s daughter. Izzy is Misty’s kid. Izzy and Misty look almost like twins! Izzy’s sire (dad) is white and has a curly coat.

Penny and Izzy sleep in a stall away from their dams (their mamas) so that we can have milk in the morning.

This is what milk looks like in the bucket right after I milk the goats in the morning. Annie filled up the bucket for me today! The white bucket behind the steel bucket has milk from Misty. I haven’t milked Sandy, yet. She gives about half a bucket full of milk.

What would you do with 2 gallons of milk every morning?

Next week I’ll send you pictures of the turkeys, and another picture of how the chicks are growing.

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