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Friday Photos from the Farm #3

Welcome back! I’m so glad you came back to visit!

Here are the three turkeys on our farm. They all look the same, don’t they! Their names are Tender, Juicy, and Drumstick.

We think their heads are ugly! But they do have bright colors, don’t they! Did you get the feathers I sent? They all come from a turkey and they are so different!

Someone wanted to see a picture of they boy that takes care of the animals. We both work together because it’s a lot of work for one person. This is Matt, he loves goats! These are two of his favorite goats. Do you remember their names?

Someone asked for a photo of our steer. This is what he looks like. His name is Arby’s. He is a nice steer, and he is really big! He thinks he is a big dog and likes to play with people, but he weighs almost as much as a small car, so that’s much too big to let him play with people!
He has a very big tongue that he likes to lick people with! YUCK!!
Almost every barn has a cat. Our barn has a cat named Midnight. She isn’t always friendly to people. She has one responsibility…. she keeps the mice away. She does a great job because we don’t have very many mice in our barn. Mice get into the hay and make a mess. They eat the grain and other food that we buy for the farm animals. We don’t want mice in our barn!
I thought you might like to see a hen that is laying an egg. Hens like to share nests. This hen is the last one to lay an egg in this nest this morning. Can you see the different color eggs underneath her?

Here are the eggs I collected this morning. There are brown and green eggs. Sometimes we collect a blue egg. One of the brown hens lays blue eggs!
Do you see the giant egg towards the front of the basket? That is a duck egg! We love duck eggs!
Here is the hen and her chicks. There are five chicks in the grass. Can you see them? There are two grey chicks, two yellow chicks, and one that is black and brown.

Next week I’ll send a photo of Matt’s dog and some photos of our ducks.

Have a nice week!

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