Friday Photos from the Farm #6

Welcome back!

I heard you had fun pressing cider last week with my cider press. Our family loves pressing cider!

Your teacher sent me some photos of your exciting day. I can’t post them all, there are so many! If you can’t find yourself in the photos, look for one of your friends.

Are you curious to see how the chicks have grown this week?

Look how big they have grown!

They have their feathers now. They still follow the mother hen everywhere, but they don’t stay quite as close as they used to when they are wandering around the farm. If they hear their mother hen calling them, they still come running!

Here are some photos of the barn and the barn yard where the animals live.

This is what I see when I walk out to milk the goats. It’s not always this messy looking, but we’ve been very busy the last few weeks and haven’t had time to clean everything up.
A little closer. You can see the milk stand in the middle of the big, open door. We don’t leave the big door open very often.

Do you see the blue hose on the left of the door? That’s where we get water for the animals’ water buckets. You can see both milk stands with the short milk stool between the two stands. The stand on the left is a tall stand, the stall on the right is a short stand. The goats stand on the milk stands and eat some grain while I milk them. They love being milked because they always get grain.

If you walk past the milk stands you can see the three stalls on the right side of the barn. Stalls are like bedrooms for animals. They don’t live there all the time, but they sleep and eat there. They need shelter from the rain, snow, and from the sun in the hot summer.

Look at the hay bales! They are so big! It takes the animals about one month to eat a whole bale. Two bales weighs about the same as a small car, that’s heavy!

On the other side of the barn we keep grain in big, blue barrels. We buy grain in big bags. Do you see the two stacks of bags to the right of the blue barrels? We store food for the animals just like you store food at home.
Do you see the white door? That’s how we get into the chicken pen.

The chicken pen is under the roof. The chickens need shelter from the weather just like the other animals. And you can see our red tractor!
The little dog house is for the ducks. They need shelter when it gets cold, too. Sometimes they go into the chicken pen, sometimes they like to get into the dog house.

Are you wondering how the chickens get in and out of the pen? And how the ducks and chickens get behind the big fence? The fence has holes that are big enough for the chickens and the ducks to get through, but the holes aren’t big enough for the goats to get through.

Here is what our farm looks like if you were flying over it in a helicopter. We have fences in a few different places now that when the photo was taken. You can see the new fences in the map below.

This is what it looks like if I draw a map of the farm!

Do you have any questions about the barn? What would you like to see next week?

Would you like to see what the milk stands look like with goats on them?

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