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Friday Photos from the Farm #9

Happy Halloween!

I hope you are all having a great day. I bet it’s one of your favorite days in school.

I’m going to keep today’s message short because I’m sure your teacher has many fun things planned.

Here is this week’s photo of the old chicks. Look how big they are getting! They all have the same father, but they have different mothers. That’s why they aren’t all the same color. Next week I’ll send some photos of the hens that laid the eggs that hatched into chicks. You can match the hen to the chick! Even though the black mother hen hatched the eggs, she isn’t the one who laid them all.

Do you see the little chick?
Where did it go? Look closely and you will see some tiny orange legs.

I put some chicken food out for the new mother hen. It’s chilly this morning! Watch what her chicks do to stay warm!

How many chicks did you see? Did you count four chicks? Last week there were only three chicks. One more egg hatched the day after Farm Friday so now we have four new chicks.

It was so cold this morning that the water had ice floating on top of the buckets. Now you know why the little chicks were hiding under their mother. They were chilly, too!

All the animals have grown a winter coat of fur. It keeps them warm in the winter. I’m sure you wear your coat outside to recess when it’s cold. The little chicks listen to their mother. They snuggle under her when it’s cold because they don’t want to get sick. I hope you listen to your mother and your teacher and wear your coat outside when it’s cold. I don’t want you to get sick!

Do you see the big bottle Quin is carrying? The bottle is a clue for the new animal that came to Welcome Home Farm last week.

Can you guess what animal drinks from a bottle that big?

After you make a good guess your teacher can scroll down to see if you are right.

It’s a new calf! His name is Remington Steele because he was a beautiful grey color when he was born. His nick-name is Remi.
Do you have a nick-name?

I thought you might like to see Remi drink from a bottle, so we took a video of him.

He’s a messy eater!
He always has milk dripping off his chin when he’s done eating.
He is a sweet calf and we are so glad he came to live with us on the farm.
That’s all for today!
Next week I’ll post some pictures of the old chicks and some hens. You can guess which hens laid the eggs that hatched out each chick.
Have a Happy Halloween!

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