Friday Surprise!

 Some days we have surprises on the farm.

We’re still surprised that Sadie hasn’t had her calf. We’re wondering if the tests were wrong. We’ll wait a few more days to see what happens. Maybe she really isn’t pregnant!

Our Spring Break surprise was a little lamb. My friend had a lamb she needed to find a home for. The lamb will be raised here for a few months until she goes back to her farm.

We named the new lamb Bunny because when I first saw her in the little dog carrier, she looked just like a big bunny.

She was born on Monday, April 4th.
Her mom loved her very much, but couldn’t feed her.
Bunny needs to be bottle fed so she could get the milk she needs to grow.

Yay for new lambs in the springtime! Bunny is so friendly, and she’s so much fun to feed. Yay for dogs that like to help around the farm!

*     *     *     *     *

Snow on April 12th was a big surprise, too! 
The wind was fierce the night before!

The doorknob to the barn was covered with snow and ice.
We’re so grateful for the water that no one at our house complained one bit!

*     *    *    *    *     *

Gracie is still sitting on her eggs.  That’s not really a surprise.
I hope they will hatch next week. I’ve got everything ready to take care of baby turkeys.

*     *     *     *     *

The biggest surprise of the week was what I found when I fed the sheep this morning.

I found a new lamb!

That was a BIG surprise.

Last year my friend gave me two bummer lambs like Bunny. Last years lambs were very small, and very sick. I wasn’t sure I could keep them alive. 

She told me they were both boys. She didn’t check them closely because she was so busy lambing on the farm, and with her regular job. She just wanted to get the sick lambs to a new home where someone could take care of them.

I didn’t check, either!

Instead of having three rams (boy sheep) I have two rams and a ewe (girl sheep).

I checked closely this time.
The baby is a boy!

They can’t stay out with the boy sheep. Boy sheep are not good dads. 

I moved Little One (the mama sheep) into the spot where we train Mishka.
She and the new lamb will be fine there for a while.
Do you see Bunny, the other lamb?

I wanted to see how Bunny would do with Little One, and the new lamb. Sometimes new mamas don’t like other babies at all. Sometimes they chase them away and are very mean to them.

I’m hoping that the three will get along well. It would be very nice for Bunny to have another little lamb to play with.
No, I haven’t named the new lamb yet. I think I’ll wait a week and see what names everyone comes up with.
As soon as I let the cows out of their pen they came over to check out the new lamb.
Echo, the brown cow, is such a good mama.
She loves everyone’s babies. Whenever we have a new lamb on the farm
Echo wants to give it a ‘cow wash.’
She wants to lick it clean!
The lambs don’t mind, and we think it’s funny.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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